Racism In Healthcare

“One of the most racist experiences I had as a nurse was when a patient did not want me as their nurse because I am black. I was the only black nurse working on the hospital unit and I felt a range of hurtful emotions. Inside I was hurt, but I told the charge nurse and then I had to continue my nursing duties like it never happened. My feelings and emotions weren’t addressed, and no one seemed to care. This was not the only time, but the first time. With each encounter my education or clinical background didn’t matter— the only thing that mattered was that I am Black. Moments like this in society make me focus on my own racist experiences while fearing for the life of my Black son.” 

- Glenda Hargrove, Atlanta, GA - Mother, Registered Nurse and owner of Pill Apparel (Excerpt from These Are The Voices Of Black Women In America by Rebekah Bastian)

Here are ways we all can watch, read, listen, act, and donate. It's a start to doing your own research to discover and learn how you can be the most effective against racism.

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