Glenda Hargrove: Nursing Saved Her Life So She Could Save Others

Glenda Hargrove, a Registered Nurse and owner of brand Pill Apparel based in Atlanta, Georgia lives by her motto ‘Nursing saved my life so I could save others.’ As a single mother of two making minimum wage, she went to college and became a Registered Nurse. She is forever grateful to the nursing profession because it allowed her to help others while improving the quality of her own life. Over the past ten years, she has practiced in varied clinical settings and now owns clothing brand Pill Apparel. Its nursing inspired t-shirts and hoodies aim to unite Nurse Culture while positively pushing it forward.

The Three Staples of Pill Apparel include:

Nurses Are Dope represents all things Nurse Culture. Nurses work very hard and deserve to play harder by living our best lives.

Pill News is a major component of our social media platform. Reposting medical and health-related stories to educate and encourage positive discussions.

The education and promotion of Mary Eliza Mahoney. She became the first African American Nurse in the United States in 1879. Sadly most people including Nurses have never heard of her. Pill Apparel is grinding to change this because she is a pioneer in the same regards of Harriet Tubman, Florence Nightingale, and Rosa Parks.

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