Essential Workers Share Heartwarming Stories During the Pandemic

During the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, essential workers have been the crutch of our nation. From the grocery store employees and gas station attendants helping us keep some sense of normalcy to the nurses and doctors that are working to treat the virus, they've all kept our cities and towns going. While many of us self-isolate, essential workers have been out on the front line, witnessing the world from a unique perspective. Here are nine heartwarming stories, most of which are first-hand accounts from essential workers, about how communities across the country are supporting and inspiring those on the front line.


"I am a Registered Nurse, which makes me an essential worker. My neighbors posted signs of support for me in their yards during this pandemic. . . . It felt good knowing that they care enough to actually take the time to make a sign and then put it in their yards for me. I've never had anything done like this before, so it was a complete shock." - Glenda Hargrove, BSN, RN, Atlanta, GA

Source: Redbook - Essential Workers Share Heartwarming Stories During the Pandemic