17 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support Online Right Now

When it comes to providing support to marginalized communities, it takes more than posting a hashtag to make a difference. Especially right now, when small businesses are closing left and right in the wake of COVID-19 and Black communities are fighting back against deeply entrenched institutional racism and police brutality, supporting Black entrepreneurs has never been so important. If you're eager to find incredible new products, from fashion to food, read on to discover amazing Black-owned businesses you can shop online now. And if you're joining in the fight against racism, make sure you know Why Posting a Selfie From a Protest Is Dangerous.

Nurses are amazing—and that's just why registered nurse Glenda Hargrove, BSN, RN, created the cheeky wares at Atlanta-based Pill Apparel. The line, which has fun t-shirts and sweatshirts with slogans like "Nurses Are Dope" and "#Nursbae" on them, are ideal for tossing on over a pair of scrubs at the end of a long shift—and they also make great gifts for the nursing professionals in your life.

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Source: Best Life https://bestlifeonline.com/black-owned-businesses/